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Foster Homes Wanted

Could you be a Fosterer for Doodle Trust?

Doodle Trust are looking for short and long-term fosterers who are willing and have the time to offer a temporary home to a rescue dog, to help us deal with the demand for our help in rehoming rescue Doodles. Fosterers play a crucial role in helping us with the process of assessing and re-homing doodles that come into our care. The main requirements are a loving, dog-friendly home and a secure back garden.

Dogs go into foster care in order that they can be assessed for temperament, training level, and any health problems. The fosterer’s role includes seeing the dog through the neutering process, if not already neutered, introducing the new family to the dog to be adopted, seeing how any children behave and the way in which any existing dog reacts.

Fostering can be a very rewarding experience and we appreciate all the time and help our volunteers give. We have set out a few guidelines which we hope will be of help.

Not all dogs coming through Rescue will be easy to deal with. A foster dog can be very time consuming and turn your life upside down if there are behavioural or health issues. Some dogs are not housetrained or can be destructive. We will always give the fosterer as much information as possible about the dog, but we can only go by the information supplied by their previous owner. (Fosterers with young children will not be asked to deal with dogs who have shown any hint of aggression or who are given up to rescue as being out of control).

  • Our Rescue Co-ordinator is on hand to offer any advice and deal with any problems you may be having with a dog in your care. She will keep in touch with you to check on the dog’s progress and help with any concerns you might have. We also have a dog behaviourist on hand who is happy to give advice regarding any training or behavioural issues you might encounter. We also have a fosterers support section on our forum Doodle Times.
  • Fosterers may be required to see the dog through the neutering process to ensure he/she cannot be exploited in the future. Doodle Trust will, of course, pay for this.
  • Any veterinary treatment MUST be discussed with the Rescue Co-ordinator in advance, except of course in the case of an emergency. Please keep all receipts and invoices for veterinary care as these will be required in order to reimburse you.
  • It is advisable not to encourage foster dogs onto sofas and/or beds. Whilst this may seem harsh if you allow your own dogs to do this, we have to consider that the dog might not be allowed onto furniture when they move to their permanent home. It will make life much more pleasant for the dog if they have not been encouraged to do this in the first place.
  • Foster dogs must wear an ID tag at all times. Tags will be supplied by us and will have Doodle Trust details and telephone number engraved on them. Please remember to remove any tags that are on the dog when it arrives with you and do not pass any other tag on to the new owners except the official Doodle Trust one.
  • We will supply dog food as required and this will be delivered directly to your door. Please liaise with us in plenty of time to ensure you have enough food. Some foster dogs arrive with their own food and any change in diet should be made gradually over a period of several days where possible, in order to avoid an upset tummy. Should you decide to feed an alternative food, ie, the same food as your own dogs, that is ok but unfortunately, we cannot pay for this unless there are special diet requirements for a particular dog. We prefer our foster dogs to remain on the food provided by us. Special diet needs on the grounds of health etc can be discussed with the Rescue Co-ordinator.
  • If there are any additional items you feel are essential for the dog, ie, collar, lead, toys or training aids, please let us know in order that we can provide you with them.
  • Doodle Trust have public liability insurance in case the dog causes an accident, but of course, scrupulous care must be paid to avoiding accidents by keeping the dog on the lead near roads etc. In any case, a foster dog should not be allowed off lead until they have had time to adjust and get to know you.
  • Some dogs arrive with all their worldly goods and others have nothing. It is advisable not to wash a dog's bed and belongings when they first arrive, even if they are grubby or a bit smelly as these smells will be familiar to the dog and will help him settle. By all means, bath the dog if necessary using an appropriate dog shampoo. If the dog's coat is matted and you are unable to deal with this, please speak to the Rescue Co-ordinator to arrange professional grooming.

If you are interested in becoming a fosterer for Doodle Trust, please email us requesting to foster and telling us why you think you'd be suitable. Give a contact phone number too and someone will call you.

Thank you. 

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