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Why NOT to Breed?

Obviously your Doodle is the best dog in the world and there is a very natural desire to share this gorgeousness with other lucky people. We know you will hip score, eye test, and elbow test her and only mate her if the results are good and you will use a fully health tested stud dog. But please just stop and think.

It’s Unpredictable

Your girl could easily have 13 puppies and you must find good homes for every single one of these and you will have very little time to do it. You will not know how many to sell before they are born and people want puppies of a specific sex. If you have sales for 5 bitches and you have 6 boys, the buyers will go to another breeder. After the puppies are 8 weeks old they start to be less appealing to the buying public and it very common to still have 3 or 4 puppies from a large litter at 6 months old. It will be impossible to keep a job and look after them properly and they cost a packet to keep and will be destructive and noisy. You may even have complaints from the neighbours.

It’s a Full Time Job

Your girl may not take to motherhood, surprisingly often they don’t, and then you will have to hand rear the litter, feeding and cleaning all puppies every 2 hours, around the clock. Or they will die. Even if all goes well the litter will take up all your time, cleaning, feeding and bathing is a full time job.

You will need to keep your other pets and even tiny children away from the little puppies as they can be easily hurt, mother will also need to be kept safe, bitches who are normally best friends can fight over puppies.

It’s Expensive

It is easy to lose money! The health tests cost money, the stud dog costs money, whelping equipment is expensive and vets bills are enormous if a caesarean is needed or puppies are poorly. It is only the breeders that don’t care that can guarantee profit.

It’s a Huge Responsibility

When they have all gone you are responsible for life for these puppies, Rescue is not a dumping ground for breeders who don’t care, we expect you to take back any dog you have bred that falls on hard times because the owners marriage breaks down, they lose their job, or they just cannot cope.

If one of your puppies has a serious illness, even if you have done all in your power to avoid it, you will be held responsible by the owner. You brought this little life into the world it is YOUR responsibility to make it a life worth living.

Do you really NEED to have a litter of puppies?

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