Crate Training

Firstly, tie back the door of the crate so that the puppy has freedom to come and go as he wishes. A piece of vet bed on the floor, a bolt on water bowl and chew resistant toys placed in the back. Instead of feeding from a bowl (him not you!) put all food into kongs. The action of chewing and licking is relaxing in itself.

Before encouraging the puppy into the crate, he should be exercised and toileted (success is far more likely if he is ready for a nap).

Put the filled kong in the back of the crate and encourage the puppy to walk in and start chewing (no pushing). Next walk round to the rear of the crate and sit down by him. Don't pay him any attention, just keep him company.It may be an idea to have a newspaper or the Beano to read at this time.When he has finished his kong, call him out of the crate.

After a couple of times, he should be quite keen to rush into his crate to enjoy his kong, so then start to carry on your normal business but stay close by. When you are reasonably sure that he will stay chewing his kong for a few minutes, close the door for a short period.

From here it is a case of gradually building up the time and adding short periods af absence but don't rush and push him beyond his comfort zone. Before long he will be at the stage where he will finish his kong and instead of leaving his crate, he will settle down for a nap.

At night time, you can speed up his toilet training and prevent him fom becoming distressed by keeping the crate in the bedroom. Over a period of several days, it can be moved out of the bedroom, along the landing and into the area where you wish him to sleep on a permanent basis.

Other Tips

A blanket placed over the crate will make it even more cosy.

Remove his collar before leaving him unattend in the crate.

Place the crate in a place where there is plenty of family activity (it's not a particularly attractive piece of furniture to have in the sitting room but you can always move it to a permanent location once he is reliably crate trained).

Make sure that he is calm and relaxed when you release him from the crate. If he is shouting to be let out, stay in the vicinity so that he does not panic but wait until he has calmed down.

The used washing basket placed near the crate, will provide him with familiar smells.

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