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Generations Explained

F1 Labradoodle (F denotes the word Filial) this is the term used for the first crossing of a Standard Poodle with a Labrador Retriever. Their coats can vary greatly and are almost always going to moult.

The generations are worked out by always adding one number up from the lowest number parent.


F4 Labradoodle x F1 = F2 or

F3 Labradoodle x F2 = F3

Filial Generation

The offspring of a genetically specified mating: first filial generation (symbol F1), the offspring of parents of contrasting genotypes; second filial generation (F2), the offspring of two F1 individuals; third filial generation (F3), fourth filial generation (F4), etc., the offspring in succeeding generation's of continued inbreeding of F1 descendents.

F1B, F2B, F3B etc... B=Backcross

This denotes when a litter has been backcrossed to one of the parent breeds. Backcrossing to a poodle is generally done to improve coat type and increase the possibility of a curlier coat. It is therefore not common practice for breeders to backcross to a Labrador.

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