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Exercise Requirements


Exercise and the Young Doodle

These suggestions are aimed primarily at the standard Labradoodle but the smaller 'miniature' Doodles are often growing into dogs that are 20” tall and require as much care. Many Doodles are growing into very large almost giant dogs and require an exercise regime to prevent joint damage.

You have selected a puppy that has been very well reared and whose parents have excellent hip and elbow scores, it is now your job to grow your pup with care. If you jog with a 6 month old puppy the result may well be astronomical veterinary bills and pain and suffering for your puppy.

8-16 Weeks

8 to 16 Weeks

For the first few weeks in your home your puppy will get enough exercise playing in the house and the garden, if he was still with his mum, she might well prevent him from going far from the home even to the extent of not allowing him to go to the end of the garden. The first time on the lead will probably be carrying him down the drive and then letting walk back into the house, so that his confidence grows and he gets used to the new experience. Once he is fully vaccinated he can go short walks just round the block to teach him how to walk nicely on the lead and to meet the neighbours. You will do yourself a favour if you do not let him off at this stage as then he will realise that the purpose of his walk is to take him to the park and being a clever little dog, he will naturally enough pull like a train to get there. If he learns first how to walk nicely and second the recall and ball play you should have a pet you can walk with pleasure.

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