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Status: Adopted

Miniature Labradoodle  •  Male  •  7 years  •  20" to the shoulder

Grooming RequirementsHIGH
Dog FriendlyYES
Cat FriendlyNO
Suitable for ChildrenNO
House TrainedYES
Separation AnxietyNO
Resource GuarderSOMETIMES
Strong Hunting InstinctsYES
Suitable as First DogNO
Long Term Health IssueNO

Reggie is a 7-year-old low-shedding Miniature Labradoodle.  He stands around 20 inches to the shoulder and weighs just over 16 kg.

Reggie is generally a good-natured little lad although is prone to being a tad anxious at times.  He is clean in the house.  He is a good little guard dog and will let you know if someone comes to the door or pulls up outside the house.   

Reggie is a fairly self-sufficient little chap at home. He will curl up beside you for a snooze, paw at your hand if he wants belly tickles and, equally, will take himself off upstairs or into another room for an hour or so to relax.  Reggie has always had the run of the house, and this has continued in foster.

He loves his walks and will walk happily and politely on the lead. He loves to sniff every lamppost.  He has not been let off the lead in foster although has enjoyed being on a long line.  He can sometimes be over-exuberant when meeting people and will jump up, but if ignored until he is calm, he soon settles. He travels well in the car either in the boot behind a guard or on the seat with his travel harness.  He is fine to be left home alone for a few hours and tends to just chill out and snooze.

He can be interested and sociable when out with some dogs. He can also be indifferent to others. And sometimes if he is nervous about a particular dog, he will back away or growl. If a dog gets too boisterous with him or too much and he feels threatened, he lets them know he doesn’t like it by growling.   

Reggie can be quite easily startled if touched or moved when sleeping and has on occasion grumped and growled if startled when he has been snoozing.

Reggie tolerates being brushed although at times can be sensitive around his face, bottom, and feet.  There has been no need for him to visit the vet in foster although we believe he can be anxious at the vet when being examined.

Reggie would be best suited as an only dog. He is nervous about the resident dog in foster and previously was an only dog.   There has been some evidence in the first few days in foster of resource guarding around food and toys but only when the resident dog was in the same room as him. There have been no incidents with humans, and we have been able to remove his food or toys without issue.  

Reggie likes and has been accustomed to a little wet food on top of his kibble.

Reggie loves his toys although, particularly with balls, can get overexcited and once in foster has bounced up and nipped.  It’s best not to overwhelm him with too many toys or wind him up by throwing a ball.

Reggie knows some basic commands such as “sit, paw, lie down, and roll-over”.

Reggie would be best suited to an adult-only home.

Reggie will make a super little companion for the right family.  A nice quiet home where he can get all the attention to himself, have nice walks and lots of quiet time to snooze.

Reggie is being fostered in Warwickshire.

Please complete our adoption enquiry form if you think you could offer Reggie the home he deserves. 

N.B. All our dogs are neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Reggie's adoption fee is £250.

Please note: 
You will be expected to go and visit the dog in its foster home at least once. 
Please do not apply if you are not ready to adopt at the time of applying. 
We do not rehome dogs outside of the UK.


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