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How we Work

Rehoming Process

The rehoming process.

It is upon the initial contact from the owner that we start offering support during what can be a very emotional time. By talking through the problems, it sometimes transpires that actually, issues can be overcome, either by talking with our training specialist, or thinking through how a particular problem can be resolved.

If it is decided that the best thing would be to sign the dog over to us we will deal with this as quickly as we can. We do not charge to take dogs in and all of our dogs are fostered in a loving environment in peoples own homes. Our kennels are only used in emergencies or for dogs that are unsafe to put into a family environment. The fosterer can keep in touch with the owner with progress reports if the owner so chooses. However, we cannot divulge the name or address of the people who adopt from us. 

All dogs are fostered so that we can make a true independant assessment of the dog. If the dog has not been neutered already, we will have it done before it is rehomed.

Once the dog has been assessed we look for a suitable home for it. The home must match the requirements of the dog. We do not rehome dogs to the first person that comes along. Once the potential new family has been found we contact them with details of the dog. If they are interested we then put them in touch with the fosterer so that they can learn more about the dog. During this time we will also arrange for somebody to homecheck the potential adopters. If the homecheck is passed and they like the dog they can then go ahead and meet it. If the meeting all goes well, they are given the opportunity to adopt the dog.

Doodle Trust is committed to the welfare of any dogs that come into our care, and endeavour to make a positive contribution to their lives, no matter what the circumstances. We aim to educate people about Doodles BEFORE they take the plunge, and are often called by people wondering about their suitability to own one of these lively, intelligent dogs.

 If you feel you may need to rehome your dog, please phone or email us for a chat. Please state your contact number and where you live in any email you send.

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