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  • Type: Jackapoo
  • Gender: Female
General Description

PLEASE NOTE: Lizzie will only be rehomed within a 50-mile radius from West Yorkshire

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Kathy with Lizzie

Please note Lizzie has lived in a foster home (10 acres small holding) and not kennels


You will rarely find a more affectionate, loving, loyal little dog, she is a superb companion and pet.

ADORABLE LIZZIE NEEDS THAT SPECIAL HOME with experienced, patient owners who will put her needs first and give her a lot of love and attention. 
This lightweight poodle cross, only 15 inches at shoulder, is an excitable girl who needs a lot of exercise, a calm loving home and experienced owners.  She needs to be an only dog because she is possessive over her humans.  Whilst in foster care she has lived with various dogs that come and go, over 30 in total and got on very well with most of them.

WHY SHE NEEDS A RURAL / BEACH HOME - She's very anxious when she first meets a new dog that she doesn’t know, she whines and pulls and gets excited.  Depending upon it’s personality she may be nice or if they are aggressive she will also be aggressive.  So she needs to be walked in quiet fields where there are NOT lots of dogs she doesn't know.  However, she will be able to make friends with kind gentle dogs and go walks with them no problem.  Currently a dog walker takes Lizzie out with another dog, both on extending leads, for miles over the moors no problem at all. 

WHY LIZZIE IS BETTER AS AN ONLY DOG.  Unless you are someone who never strokes your dogs, in the home Lizzie needs to be an only dog, as she wants all the attention of her humans. She is currently fostered with 11 dogs of all shapes and sizes.  However please note that in order to prevent the dogs bonding with the foster they are not given a lot of strokes so there is no jealousy - This is why Lizzie can live with these other dogs.  However if another dog is stroked she gets very jealous. 

GENERAL INFORMATION She needs a mature family in a peaceful home.  She can be left for up to 4 hours whilst you go out.  She is housetrained and travels well in the car.  Lizzie is a very affectionate girl who loves to snuggle up on your lap to watch TV or read a book with you.  She is highly intelligent, and learns very quickly if given a treat reward.  She is good to bath but needs to be trimmed by her owner with scissors not electric clippers because she is hysterically afraid at the groomers so it is not worth trying to take her.  When it is cold she wears a warm coat.  Lizzie had a dental clean and polish whilst in our care so she now has a film star smile !!  Lizzie is neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, microchipped, and is in extremely good condition with good muscles from all the exercise given by the foster carer.

The ideal home for Lizzie would be a fit, early retired couple who don’t go out much and leave her and who do a lot of walking.   

We are looking for a home that matches the following criteria, please don’t apply unless you fit the criteria

* unlike so many owners you are prepared to take a dog who isn't perfect
* very experienced and patient
* able to walk a dog in quiet places away from other dogs
* able to give a dog a lot of attention and cuddles
* long term lifestyle and financial security, able to pay vet bills
* older teenagers, but it needs to be a calm household.
* fit enough to carry a lightweight dog short distances if necessary
* a true dog lover, prepared to put themselves out to ensure the dog's happiness

If you can give Lizzie what she needs and provide a happy home, please apply and we will contact you. Thank you

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