• Type: Springer cross
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 9 months
  • Size: 16” to the shoulder
  • Live with Children: Yes, from 3-years onwards
  • Shedding: Light shedder
  • Grooming Requirements: Ears and tail need to be groomed regularly otherwise a brush once a week.
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Able to be left: Gizzy has separation anxiety. He will chew when left even for a short time. He howls without another dog or when left. He is still a puppy and this is to be expected. He is used to living with other dogs and someone at home most of the time
  • Obedient: Yes – most of the time
  • Comes when called: Yes
  • Pulls on lead: Only to greet other dogs, is better when wearing harness
  • Exercise Requirements:

    Gizzy is a very active dog. He needs plenty of exercise and is easily bored. He needs at least two walks per day with play stimulation in between.

  • Mental Stimulation Requirements:

    Gizzy likes to chew a knucklebone, fetch the ball and seek for things. 

  • Good with cats: Not tested
  • Good with dogs:

    Very good with dogs – interacted well on the beach and in other walk environments

  • Friendly with strangers: Very friendly with strangers but will jump. This needs to be managed with some further training.
  • Good watch dog: Responds when other dogs have barked
  • Health Problems: None we are aware of
  • Special Diet: We feed him a fish kibble diet with salmon oil.
General Description

Gizzy is a pleasant little dog, who has settled in well to our environment. He is active and plays well with our other dogs. He is housetrained; we have not had any accidents from him since his arrival.  He eats well, currently on two meals a day – of fish based kibble with salmon oil, and sometimes fresh fish mixed in. This matches the diet we provide our other dogs, and matches the chappie diet he was on when he first arrived.

Gizzy likes to go for walks and walks well on the lead, both on a multi lead with other dogs and alone. He walks better in a harness, as initially he gets excited and jumps in circles – the harness controls this more. He responds to his name and will sit and respond to basic commands. He will be trained using the treat method. He loves to play ball and will fetch the ball all day long. He also has a liking for articles of clothing – he will parade around with shoes and other such garments if left around, so it is advised to keep out of reach if you need to keep your socks together!

Gizzy does have some separation Anxiety. He has been raised with other dogs and with people around him all day. If we happen to go out shopping for a few hours, he will object, howl the minute you step out of the door and, if left uncrated, will have chewed something. He is still a puppy and some chewing is to be expected. I would advise that he rehomed to someone who has another dog, and who spends most of their time at home or with the dogs. He would be particularly suited as an outdoor dog – maybe on a farm or large estate where his needs can be met. We do have hens and he has taken a particular interest in them – his instinct is to chase but will stop when told not to. 

Gizzy eats well, knows his mealtimes and has a regular routine. He wakes us up at the same time every morning and knows what comes next each day. It is important to keep him in a routine and occupied/stimulated to get the best out of him.

A loveable, adorable and gorgeous boy.

For further information please call Mitch on 07977922380

Gizzy is being fostered in Norfolk

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