• Type: Jackapoo
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3 years
  • Size: 13 inches to the shoulder
  • Live with Children:

    I would recommend that Eli lives with older children as he can be excitable and get himself worked up. Eli would prefer a home where he will be the centre of attention.

  • Shedding: Minimal
  • Grooming Requirements: A good comb once a week is recommended. Eli is very happy to be combed and brushed and for me to clip his nails. I can even wipe his eyes with no fuss
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Able to be left: Yes. Eli has been left for up to 4 hours with other doggy company and has been fine and settled quickly when left.
  • Obedient: Eli is well behaved in the house and knows my ‘no dog in the kitchen’ rule. Eli knows the commands sit, wait, leave it, go pee, no, off and this way.
  • Comes when called: Recall on an extendable and off a lead is very good. Eli likes to keep you in his sight when he is off the lead and is not easily distracted away from you, giving other dogs around him minimal attention.
  • Pulls on lead: Eli does pull, particularly for the first 10 minutes of a walk on the lead but he is improving and responding to correction.
  • Exercise Requirements:

    Eli is currently getting a 50-minute walk/run in the morning and 45 minutes of an evening. He happily does more but the extra seems to make little difference to his activity levels in the home.

  • Mental Stimulation Requirements:

    Eli requires mental stimulation to assist with his energy levels otherwise, you will be engaging in a lot of one to one playtime with him.

  • Good with cats: Eli has not lived with cats but when he sees them out in the street, he pays them little attention, unlike chasing birds off from the garden!
  • Good with dogs:

    Eli is currently living with three other dogs and has really connected with my biggest, although he curls up with my oldest and smallest. He can sometimes try to be bossy with them but they have made it clear to him where his position in the household is, which he seems to understand. 

  • Friendly with strangers: Eli is happy to meet new people but prefers the attention of his owner.
  • Good watch dog: Eli is alert to noises outside and barks at the door after my other dogs do.
  • Health Problems: None
  • Special Diet:

    Eli is currently eating Tails.com dry food, which is chicken based, with a little chicken or fish dog meat with no jelly or gravy as these types of food are not good on his stomach. We currently feed Eli twice a day.
    Treats: We don't really do treats unless for training purposes but we do give him dental chews for the obvious reasons twice a week.

General Description

Although Eli is very small in size he is BIG in presence. This chap is very loyal and just wants to be loved and fussed, preferring to be connected to one person. Eli does prefer to be in your eyesight and once you have walked, fed and played with him, he is happiest curled up asleep on your lap or over your feet.
Eli loves to be out and about and would spend all day in the garden if he could, running around with toys, playing fetch or digging.  Playtime is being managed to minimise overzealousness and excitement. Eli can sometimes get obsessed about the thought of going out so needs to be distracted to break unwanted habits. Eli is happy to go out in all weather conditions and is good meeting new dogs and other people out and about. He is able to walk along busy roads although will shy away if a large noisy vehicle passes by.   Although Eli came to me with a crate, he has vehemently rejected using it here.  At bedtime, Eli sleeps with the other dogs in the house downstairs but would rather sleep with his owner like he was previously used to.
Eli is looking for an experienced and relaxed owner who wants to help channel his energy productively. Although Eli lives with other dogs, I feel he would happiest on his own.

For further information please call Merita on 07791 882879

Eli is being fostered in Wiltshire

If you think you would be a suitable forever home for Eli, please fill out our enquiry form below. 

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