• Type: Cockapoo
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 years 4 months
  • Size: 14” to the shoulder
  • Live with Children: Older children only
  • Shedding: A little
  • Grooming Requirements: Regular brushing and combing to prevent matting, and regular clipping will make this easier!
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Able to be left: Yes, for relatively short periods
  • Obedient: Reasonably . . .he tries!
  • Comes when called: Mostly
  • Pulls on lead: Yes!!
  • Exercise Requirements: He has lots of energy and will keep going as long as you can!
  • Mental Stimulation Requirements: Not a lot, once he’s physically tired, he’ll sleep!
  • Good with cats: Not known
  • Good with dogs: Sometimes, see below
  • Friendly with strangers: Yes
  • Good watch dog: Yes, he barks at strange noises
  • Health Problems: None known
  • Special Diet: No
General Description

Digby is a very sweet boy. He loves his own special person and wants to be wherever he or she is.

He’s very easily pleased; he loves his walks and goes full pelt at the end of the lead, head down and sniffing everywhere!  He likes being off the lead and he’s generally quite good, although if he’s found something particularly interesting he might take his time coming back!  Once back home he’ll settle down to sleep near you, and will check from time to time that you’re still there – often bringing his ball just in case you want to play!  There’s nothing he likes better than playing ball – he will do that all day if he can find someone to throw it for him!   

He travels well and likes going in the car – he’s quiet and well behaved.

He loves people, and readily welcomes newcomers to the family, he’ll try everyone with his ball!

He’s very good with possessions and food (as long as you’re not another dog) – he’ll let you take them without grumbling. He’s also reasonably resigned to being brushed – he doesn’t like it an awful lot, but as it means he’s getting all your attention and fuss, he’ll put up with it.

He does have issues: He can be jealous of other dogs and won’t hesitate to let them know that . . . he is currently in foster with three other (much larger) dogs, so it was a bit of a reality check for him.  He initially attacked all three, and wasn’t too put off when he was duffed up by the top dog!  He did try to stop them approaching me for a fuss, but we all let him know that every dog gets a fuss and he has come to terms with that quite quickly.  He will very occasionally forget, and try it on, particularly when he’s very excited; but they mostly rub along pretty well. He is, though, a dog who is much more interested in people than other dogs – he will greet them with a sniff and will have a dash if there’s a race on but otherwise, he’ll mostly ignore them.  He can, however, be quite vocal on meeting other dogs, he will bark a lot at first and, being a small dog, that is quite piercing.  He has also taken a dislike to one dog he met, and he made his feelings known, so he’s best introduced to strange dogs carefully.  For these reasons, I think he’d probably be better as an only dog.

I think that he would need socialising and ongoing training if his new home were to have other animals, and the owner would have to have the experience and dedication to make him a willing sharer! Similarly, I think he’d be better with older children, only because any children would have to be able to understand his needs. He’s not very food motivated, so training isn’t as easy as it could be, but a ball will always be a good substitute. He does want to please, and when he understands what you want he really enjoys pleasing you. He will, though, make someone a really loving, loyal and funny companion – who will love you to bits and want to be with you always.

For further information please call Rachel on 07932 252532

Digby is being fostered in Staffordshire

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