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Things to Consider BEFORE Getting a Doodle

Doodles have received so much positive press and many people believe they are the perfect dogs. While they make wonderful companions, they are not for everyone.

These are some important considerations before you add a doodle to your family:
  • If you want a Golden Retriever or a Labrador that does not shed, DON'T GET A DOODLE. Most doodles shed to some degree and those that do not, do not look like either of these parent dogs.
  • If you are just not a Poodle person, DON'T GET A DOODLE. All doodles have Poodle in them and if the word Poodle makes you cringe, then do not get a Doodle.
  • If you are allergic to dogs, DON'T GET A DOODLE. Doodles go through coat changes and even if you are not allergic to your Doodle's puppy coat, you may be allergic to his adult coat. Doodles are often deemed hypoallergenic by the media, but for most, this is not the case.
  • If you want a clean dog, DON'T GET A DOODLE. Many doodles love water, mud and rolling in smelly things. Their coats can be like Velcro and will collect twigs, dirt, burrs, leaves etc.
  • If you want a low-energy dog, DON'T GET A DOODLE. Most Doodles require at least 30 - 60 minutes of real exercise a day. Simply letting your Doodle out in the backyard is not exercise. There are plenty of low-energy dog breeds that would be a better fit if you aren't overly active.
  • If you can't devote time and money into training, DON'T GET A DOODLE. Doodles are intelligent and want to please you, but they are not born with manners.
  • If you want an independent dog, DON'T GET A DOODLE. Doodles thrive on human companionship and most are Velcro dogs. They need your attention and will demand it.
  • If you want the perfect dog, DON'T GET A DOODLE. There is no such thing as a perfect dog, and just like other breeds, Doodles can have a wide variety of temperaments and health issues.
  • If you want a low-maintenance dog, DON'T GET A DOODLE. The look that attracts so many would-be Doodle owners requires a lot of time & money; there is major grooming involved.
  • If you want a dog 'for the kids', DON'T GET A DOODLE. Doodles need lots of time on a daily basis, keeping their minds stimulated and reinforcing their behaviours. Kids won't keep that commitment.
  • If you want a small to medium sized dog, DON'T GET A DOODLE. The average sized Doodle is about 30 kilos but they can be up to 45 kilos!
If you are still interested in a Doodle, that's great! But keep in mind that some of the pre-conceived notions touted by the media that have made Doodles so popular are also reasons why so many of these dogs are abandoned by their owners. A Doodle can be a wonderful dog and will provide you with unconditional love but you must consider if this is the right type of dog for you.

Please do not break your Doodle's heart.

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