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    Doodle Trust

    Education. Rescue. Welfare


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    Welcome to

    Doodle Trust

    Education. Rescue. Welfare


What is Doodle Trust?

Due to the latest UK Government announcement on Covid 19, Doodle Trust has reluctantly had to put on hold any movement of dogs. Although we remain committed to looking after all the dogs currently in our care, from now on, no dogs can be sent out for adoption or fostering and no dogs can be admitted from the public.
We are also not currently accepting new applications to adopt dogs.
This will be reviewed when the government changes its guidelines. 

Doodle Trust is an established and recognised charitable organisation that works without prejudice and with empathy for the rehoming of all Poodle cross dogs.

Our aims are to educate the public on the pros and cons of all types of Poodle cross dogs. To rescue Poodle cross dogs that are in need of help, irrespective of the reason, and rehome them into a safe and loving home. To advise on health and welfare issues surrounding Poodle cross dogs.

We also rescue and rehome Poodles.

Doodle Trust relies on a network of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to achieve these aims.

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May 22, 2019


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