Oscar and Roxie



  • Type: Both Labradoodles
  • Gender: Male and female, respectively
  • Age: 4 and 3, respectively
  • Size: 25" and 24" to the shoulder, respectively
  • Live with Children: Fine with children
  • Shedding: Very little
  • Grooming Requirements: A good brush and comb every week. Clipping once a year.
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Able to be left: Yes, for around 4 hours
  • Obedient: Yes
  • Comes when called: Yes
  • Pulls on lead: Yes, when first out and when excited
  • Exercise Requirements:

    Fifteen to thirty minutes play or walking up to an hour, twice a day

  • Mental Stimulation Requirements: Toys to play with kong to chew, fetch with a ball
  • Good with cats: Not tested
  • Good with dogs: Yes, barks at them at first but they are friendly
  • Friendly with strangers: Yes
  • Good watch dog: Yes
  • Health Problems: None, as far as we know
  • Special Diet: Low-fat food, loves vegetables
General Description

Oscar and Roxie come as a pair, they are very close and need each other within close range to provide security and comfort. They can be very protective over each other especially on first contact with other dogs making it hard to socialise them together. They pull towards other dogs to say hello but have very little idea how to approach them.
Oscar is a very easy dog to keep. He is happy to lay chewing toys and sleeping. He has a lovely temperament and loves to play with a ball, although he has to be careful when running as he gets out of breath easy due to his weight. He has lost over 10 kg while with us and he has to continue with the low-fat food to get to his goal weight which is 40kg. He has no behaviour issues that we have seen over the months we have had him and he walks lovely. He is very reserved to start with but once he gets to know you he is very loving.
Roxie needs a little more exercise and craves more attention from people, she has lost over 10kg too and is aiming for 27kg. She will follow you to the end of the earth to be nosy. Roxie will play and play for as long as you will let her. She loves playing fetch and will run and play with anybody that will keep throwing the ball. She is very loving and is always up for a cuddle and a snooze. She is the boss of the two and will provide constant reassurance to Oscar when in a new environment. She relaxed quicker than Oscar did when they came to us and made herself at home in less than a week, whereas Oscar needed a couple of weeks to feel safe and settle in. Roxie has no issues besides being over excitable sometimes, she has a playful puppy sense about her which we think comes from a new lease of life they have both discovered after losing a lot of weight.
They are both very inquisitive and love to be around people, playing, snoozing, eating and walking, once they feel safe enough and comfortable they will settle into a loving forever home very easily.

Oscar and Roxie are being fostered in Derbyshire

For more information on Oscar and Roxie please contact their fosterers, Paul & Karen, on 01773 833 730

If you think you would be a suitable forever home for Oscar and Roxie please fill out our enquiry form, below. 

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