• Type: Labradoodle
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 6 years
  • Size: 29" to the shoulder
  • Live with Children: Older children only
  • Shedding: He sheds a lot
  • Grooming Requirements: We brush him regularly to remove fur and also help him to feel comfortable with us. We haven’t found any matts in his fur and we have been told that he has never been bathed. He doesn’t like water and we have not found the need to bathe him.
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Able to be left: We have now started to leave him with our two for periods of up to 3 - 4 hours
  • Obedient: He chooses what he wants to learn but appears to understand basic commands
  • Comes when called: His recall appears good. We have let him off lead on the beach with other dogs around and he came back to us with no issues.
  • Pulls on lead: He is a very strong boy and is able to pull like a shire horse. However, we have been working on his lead walking and he is much improved.
  • Exercise Requirements: He does need a walk every day and a little ball game although he is not a very high energy dog.  Once home he crashes out to rest. His previous owners warned us that they had never managed to get a head collar on him and he doesn’t like his muzzle area touched very much – we have found this to be true and it is another reason for his daily brush.  Each day we work on touching and stroking around his face.
  • Mental Stimulation Requirements: Not much – he is not the brightest doodle we have had, just a loving boy who wants his people to cuddle up to.
  • Good with cats: See description below
  • Good with dogs: He was re-homed as he did not get on with another dog in the house.  He appears to have agreed a truce with our two and we are working on socialising him with other dogs.
  • Friendly with strangers: We have seen no issues with him meeting people.
  • Good watch dog: Yes – he announces visitors and family very vocally, just in case we have missed the arrival.
  • Health Problems: None known
  • Special Diet: No – a mixture of kibble (Arden Grange) and Nature’s diet.
General Description

Max has settled into our home very well. He came into foster because he didn’t get on with one of the other dogs in the house. We have found that he doesn’t appear to understand other dog’s body language particularly well and finds excitement in other dogs quite frightening. He is a gentle giant and will get away from situations he finds difficult wherever possible. However, in a house where he can’t get away, he could react in a fear aggressive way should the situation be allowed to develop. Our two doodles have given him the space that he needs to start to understand that an excited dog is not necessarily going to be an aggressive dog that wants to fight. This has allowed him to mix with other dogs on walks in an open area without any issues. He is learning fast that being social is actually quite nice.

We feared that he would chase our cats as he has been known to chase deer and pheasants with his previous owners.  However, he has shown real restraint with our house cat and has not chased him and given the required respect that cats feel they are entitled to.  If he is homed with cats, care and vigilance would be required to ensure that he remains a good boy in the initial settling in period.

He is very much a people dog and follows us around during the day. At night he chooses to sleep in the living room even though he has access to his bed in our room.

He is a loving and friendly boy who needs an experienced owner who is willing to continue to work on his socialisation so that he can start to enjoy playing with other dogs. He gives affection back very willingly and likes nothing better than a snuggle on the sofa.

When the leads come out for their walk he gets very excited and is a good timekeeper should your preparations take longer than he believes necessary. He will vocalise encouragement to speed you up.

He travels very well in the car and enjoys trips out. He is a big counter surfer and has managed to get into our kitchen bin. He takes treats nicely now – on arrival he would snatch his treats and your fingers were at risk. There are no food guarding issues – they all eat in our kitchen very nicely together.

Ideally, Max would like to go to a home without a resident dog and to an experienced owner who will continue the work with his socialisation. However, I would consider a home with a resident dog if the owner was experienced and the dog in residence had a temperament that would help Max continue with his socialisation rather than scare him.

Max is being fostered in Dorset

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