• Type: Poodle Cross
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 3 years
  • Size: 14 inches to the shoulder
  • Live with Children: Teenagers onwards
  • Shedding: Very little
  • Grooming Requirements: A brush once a week and a clip once every 8 weeks
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Able to be left: An hour or two after she has settled, see further info.
  • Obedient: Yes, mostly
  • Comes when called: She is usually good off lead but can be distracted by wildlife.
  • Pulls on lead: Not particularly
  • Exercise Requirements: Kindle needs 2 half hour walks a day.
  • Mental Stimulation Requirements: She loves to play and really enjoys time at a local dog crèche. She interacts well with the other dogs well and enjoys the various games.
  • Good with cats: No, Kindall hates cats and will not back down from one
  • Good with dogs: Brilliant, very well socialized
  • Friendly with strangers: Not to start with, barks from fear but soon settles
  • Good watch dog: Very
  • Health Problems: She has a slightly undershot jaw but this causes no issues as long as she is fed the correct food.
  • Special Diet: Kindall currently eats raw, wet or soaked kibble. The only requirement is her food must be soft due to her undershot jaw.
General Description

Kindall has separation anxiety but it’s really improved over the two months she has been in foster, to a point where she can now be left for short periods without distress. This is likely to regress when she is rehomed while she settles into her new environment. Given time Kindall will be able to be left again but she must be allowed to settle prior. Kindall is a really social dog and goes to the pub, town and friends’ homes regularly without issue.
She is nervous with loud noises and will run without thought if scared.
Kindall ideally suits being an only dog with someone who is home the majority of the time.
She wouldn’t do well in a house where the owners went to work and left her.
She loves company and is a joy to have around. 

Kindall is being fostered on the Suffolk/Norfolk border

For more information about Kindall, please contact her fosterer, Michelle Waterson, on 01359 760528

If you think you would be a suitable forever home for Kindall please fill out our enquiry form, below. 

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