• Type: Bordoodle (Border Collie x Poodle)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 10 years old
  • Size: 24.5 inches to the shoulder; (27.5 kilos)
  • Live with Children: I would recommend that Dennis lives with older children as he can be quite excitable if you act the same around him
  • Shedding: Minimal
  • Grooming Requirements: A good comb once a week is recommended
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Able to be left: Yes. Dennis has been left for up to 4 hours with other doggy company and has been fine
  • Obedient: Dennis is well behaved in the house and knows my no dog in the kitchen rule. He also shows no interest in going upstairs
  • Comes when called: Recall on an extendable lead is very good and out in the garden he wants to be told to come back in otherwise he just dawdles at the door outside
  • Pulls on lead: Dennis does pull but I am using a harness which he is much better on
  • Exercise Requirements: Dennis is currently getting a 50 minute walk in the morning and 40 minutes of an evening. He is just as happy to have a morning and early afternoon walks of the same amount and not look to go out again for the rest of the day.  Dennis does appear to be able to handle longer walks but we are mindful of his age and what he has been used to in the past.
  • Mental Stimulation Requirements: Dennis has shown no real interest in toys or balls and is more interested in having your personal attention.
  • Good with cats: Dennis has lived with cats before and on passing them in the street he is intrigued by them
  • Good with dogs: Dennis is currently living with 3 other dogs and has only really connected to one of them which he sometimes obsesses over and gets overly excited. He does appear to be better around larger dogs but even so his sociable skills do need to be improved by a trusting owner. Inside the house, Dennis has not shown an interest in being the top dog and is happy to follow the routine of our other dogs. Dennis is inquisitive and nervous on meeting new dogs and is quite unsettled when dogs run around him which results in him whining and barking which can result in him winding himself up. We have been working on these habits by treat distraction and walking in the other direction until he settles with another dog being in the area nearby. Getting Dennis to sit quietly and stroking his ears to re-assure him also helps him to quieten down. This training has only started to work once he felt connected and started to trust us so his new owner must be patient on the progress front.
  • Friendly with strangers: Dennis is happy to meet new people but trust with him takes time
  • Good watch dog: Terrible. It is my other dog's responsibility to bark at the door bell or let us know when someone is at the gate. It is Dennis's job to stand behind all of the dogs and see what is going on
  • Health Problems: None known
  • Special Diet: Dennis is on Arden Grange Senior with a little Chappie or dog meat with no jelly or gravy as these types are not good on his stomach
General Description

Dennis is an older dog with a puppy mind and heart when out. This chap is very loyal and just wants to be loved and fussed, preferring to be connected to one person. Dennis does prefer to be in your eye-sight and waits for me in one of the beds in the entrance hall if I am upstairs or in the kitchen.
Dennis likes to take his time when eating and actually chews his biscuit before swallowing much to the disgust of my dogs waiting for him to hurry up. He is currently fed twice a day and prefers a bigger meal in the evening, but I suspect he has been used to grazing all day.
Dennis has done really well getting used to being combed by me and I can now also clip his nails. Dennis needs to know that you are the boss when you are grooming him and that his growls do not deter you for him to over time accept it on quieter terms. He doesn't bother with that scare tactic with me now as he knows I carry on regardless. Dennis hates being showered but appears to like the lathering part. Clippers distress this chap but he accepts being clipped with scissors.
Dennis sleeps downstairs with my other dogs quite happily although he would prefer to be left in the sitting room in front of the Rayburn when it is on.
Dennis is finding his feet when going out into the big world and is intrigued by everything going on around him and is therefore on alert most of the time. Dennis is excited and anxious at the same time so does need patience and support in this area, particularly on meeting dogs out and about. Dennis loves to mooch around my local woods and have a good sniff. No dog marks as much as Dennis. After his walk, there is nothing better than having a big bed to stretch out on somewhere warm for him to keep those thoughtful eyes on you. I do hope he didn't get those little habits from me.
Although Dennis lives with other dogs I feel he would happily live on his own as long as long he had a good level of human company.
The only ageing signs Dennis shows is his moaning having to get up out of bed to get a drink or when he is really tired.
Dennis is looking for an experienced owner to help him continue to integrate into the world as well as allow him to enjoy his senior years. Dennis also settles very well in the car.

Dennis is being fostered in Wiltshire

For more information on Dennis, please contact his fosterer, Merita, on 07791 882879 

If you think you would be a suitable forever home for Dennis please fill out our enquiry form, below. 

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